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The Welsh Underground Network are a Marxist-Leninist organization advocating a Socialist Welsh Republic through community action.

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About Us

The Ten Point Programme

What does the Network believe in?

Our guiding beliefs are best summarized in our Ten Point Programme, which details what we want to see in Wales, and why we believe it.

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Recent Articles

  • Welsh Nationalism – Cenedlaetholdeb Cymreig
    POC Perspective of Welsh Nationalism What is Welsh Nationalism? Nationalism is often defined as the belief that one’s nation is superior to others, and promotes the interests of that nation to the detriment of other nations. This is seen contemporarily and historically through colonialism. Counter to this, socialists consider nationalism to be the liberation of […]
  • Wales Against Fascism: An open letter to all Socialists in Wales.
    On the 25th of March, far-right organisation ‘Patriotic Alternative’ are coming to the town of Llantwit Major to protest the building of temporary housing for refugees. They plan to utilise the valid & legitimate concerns of the local residents about their lack of health care facilities and housing to whip up hatred against refugees.  Despite […]
  • When was Wales? A History of the Welsh
    ‘When has Wales been able to describe itself as an independent nation and will it ever be able to do so in the future? The question of national identity has affected the Welsh throughout their history. Drawing on myth, legend and poetry and on the talents and ambitions of soldiers, labourers, politicians and churchmen the […]


Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’ – Malcolm X

‘Without Revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement’ – Vladimir Lenin

Education is crucial to building up Socialism in Wales. Education should also be free, so here is a list of key-works to read, all in PDF format ready to download.

Please let us know if any links are broken, or if you’d like to make any suggestions to the list (

We will be expanding this list over time, so keep an eye out for new additions.








Every three weeks, come have a virtual drink with us on Zoom, as we discuss the books ‘they’ don’t want you to read!

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