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Socialism for the Welsh People (1979)

Written just over forty years ago, Miles and Griffith’s work remains shockingly relevant to today’s politics.

Whilst our manifesto covers some of the most basic, current points regarding how an Independent Wales and a Socialist Wales could walk hand in hand,  ‘Socialism for the Welsh People’ still remains the base-text for all Welsh Socialist Republicans.

Published in the aftermath of the failed 1979 Welsh Devolution Referendum, the pamphlet covers the growing need for a Socialist Republican movement in Wales to address the country’s many problems – a significant amount of which still remain, forty years later.

Looking at the current growth of the Welsh Nationalist Movement – with marches attracting crowds in the thousands, we need to promote a Socialist vision for Wales – or else risk replicating a ‘mini Westminster’ in Cardiff Bay.

We highly recommend you read this relatively short pamphlet, which we are lucky enough to have found a PDF of.

Click to read ‘Socialism for the Welsh People’

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