Coronavirus – The Welsh Wall of Shame

Please email or DM your own situation and let’s hold them accountable – this list will be expanding.

(In the event that changes are made – in particular, with safety issues regarding the Coronavirus,  the organisation in question will be taken off of the list)


vug statement

Cardiff Profiteers on Ebay

We have here a series of hand-sanitizer profiteers, most from Cardiff, offering small bottles of sanitizer for, well, ridiculous prices.

ssanitizer 3

hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer 2

(The above seller is particularly unscrupulous, advertising gel that’s expired.)


Dubious health and safety standards in Merthyr Nandos



Village Hotels in Cardiff cut loose zero hours contract workers

zero hours at Village Hotels

(For more up-to-date info on this, check out the thread at

Coronavirus hazards at the Cathedral School, Llandaf


The Cathedral School in Llandaf,  a ‘leading independent school’ has been lacking in their approach to health and safety for both staff and students in the wake of the coronavirus.

We have been contacted by an employee, and with their permission, post their statement.

‘I work for Cathedral School in Cardiff. The school has taken minimal precautions over the coronavirus and has been lackadaisical in their response.

Firstly, there was a school trip at half term to Northern Italy that flew via Milan. Pupils and staff were told to stay away from school for one day only, but some teachers ignored this.

Since then, despite increased wider concern over the virus, school management have done little to encourage greater precautions, beyond a sign in the toilets and a bottle of hand sanitiser at the front desk.

Children do not wash/sanitise their hands before/after lessons, even after using shared desks, laptops and other equipment – which in turn is never sanitised either, and no means of sanitisation has been provided to teaching/support staff. Cleaners can not sanitise equipment that is locked away either of course.

Children have not been discouraged from coughing into their hands or rubbing their noses/faces, even when using shared equipment. Staff make no effort at social distancing and have not been encouraged to do so, instead cramming together on sofas in the staff room at break time, even today.

Large staff meetings have been convened. I have seen staff sneeze into their hands and fail to wash them before touching the coffee/tea making facilities. Others make cursory efforts to wash their hands after using the toilet.

Many pupils and staff do not use the hand sanitiser available at the entrance to the dining hall and have been regularly tightly packed rather than having greater staggering at lunch time.

Today was effectively the last day for Y11. They were of course signing each other’s shirts but with shared pens; and had a large gathering at the end of the day in close proximity to each other. No point was made to them regarding social distancing, attempts made to disperse them, or at least telling them to wash their hands after sharing stationery. ALL staff have been told they have to be in on Monday, including staff who might have very little to do or are unable to supervise children.

In my view this is not only unnecessary but completely irresponsible, as there will be no need for much more than a skeleton staff but also because if one member of staff picks up the virus, there is the potential to wipe out the entire work force. Those who cannot work from home are essentially being forced to remain a danger to themselves and others, whether or not they have any meaningful or pressing jobs to do; no instruction has been provided to anyone who chooses to stay away for their own safety regarding their pay or if they would have a job to return to if they did.

Ultimately, the school would rather that staff come into work and do nothing than stay at home and do nothing safely and responsibly.’

Allegations of layoffs at the ‘Pulse’ and ‘Kings’ nightclubs in Cardiff


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