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Launch of the Welsh Underground Network

After weeks of planning and preparation, we’re proud to announce that Valleys Underground is now just one branch of the Welsh Underground Network.

Over a year and a half ago, Valleys Underground consisted of just two members, clearing up fly-tipped rubbish in an abandoned cemetery.

In just that short period of time, we’ve grown exponentially, with nearly dozens of active members across not just the South Wales Valleys, but across Wales.

Because of this, we felt it right to start the set-up of branches in areas with large numbers of members. Recently, this came to an exciting head with our new Wrexham Branch (see our local branches here)

We just want to thank our members, and those who support our work for enabling us to get to where we are. To achieve a Socialist Welsh Republic, one that truly ruptures with the dying, backwards looking British Capitalist Class, we need to get out into the world and do the work.

We’ve got a lot to do still, but now we can do it across Wales, not just a part of it. If you are looking to set up a branch in your local area, message us at, or Join us here!

For an Independent Socialist Wales.

  • The Welsh Underground Network Central Committee.

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