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Wales Against Fascism: An open letter to all Socialists in Wales.

On the 25th of March, far-right organisation ‘Patriotic Alternative’ are coming to the town of Llantwit Major to protest the building of temporary housing for refugees. They plan to utilise the valid & legitimate concerns of the local residents about their lack of health care facilities and housing to whip up hatred against refugees. 

Despite being called the ‘Patriotic “Alternative”’, they offer no such thing – they offer no analysis of what has prevented affordable housing in the area being built, nor why local people are lacking adequate health care facilities. They only care about these issues to the extent that it can spread their message, the message of hatred and bigotry. The ‘Patriotic “Alternative”’ also offer no plan to provide this to the local people, no campaign to push these issues to the conclusion, nothing to integrate with local people and work alongside them to deliver on these concerns. Once the temporary housing plan is ended, they will be gone, they do not care about these local issues.

The Battle Of De Winton Fields

87 years ago, the British Union Of Fascists came to Wales for the final time. Local fascist turncoat & coal miner Tommy Moran, & leading fascist Oswald Mosley, came to a field in Tonypandy to spread their vile message. Local anti-fascist organisations mobilised against this attempt to con the Welsh people, the CPGBs Annie Powell said “not even one Welsh sheep shall hear them speak”. 6000 anti-fascists came and defeated the Moran & Mosley’s attempt to hold a rally, to such a great extent that they never attempted to come back, and Moran was forced to leave the nation for good.

We have this opportunity ahead of us, ‘Patriotic “Alternative”’ are having to bring people across the border from England just to build a crowd of a few dozen. The Welsh people do not want fascism, do not care nor need for it, we can defeat them here just like our forebearers did at De Winton Fields and keep Wales free of fascism.

What Next?

We need the anti-fascist message to reach as many people as possible, we need to use every possible channel to spread the message. If you’re in a socialist organisation, or part of an anti-fascist alliance, and you have not publicised this event, you need to do so.

You do not need to share our poster if you don’t want to, the details are;

12:00 (midday) – 25/03/22

Seaview Park

CF61 1RF

Llantwit Major

Spread the message, stand against fascism.

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