About the WUN

 “We must strive every day so that this love of living humanity is transformed into actual deeds, into acts that serve as examples, as a moving force.” – Che Guevara

Members of the Welsh Underground Network at our first Congress in July 2021.

Who are the WUN?

The Welsh Underground Network are a Marxist Organization fighting for a Welsh Socialist Republic.

Founded in 2019, the WUN is active in communities across Wales, stretching from Cardiff, to Brecon, Aberystwyth to Wrexham.

Volunteers at our very early Free Food Events in Merthyr.

The WUN believes that change comes from action. We believe that the best way to achieve a Socialist Welsh Republic is through on the ground action and events – with our Chapters regularly hosting free-food events, educational events, and community clearups.

To learn more about what we stand for, why not read our Ten Point Plan for Wales?

Our History

The seeds of the WUN were born in the Spring of 2019, an idea that came out of a drunken afternoon by a river in Exeter.

Initially starting as a Radical News Service called ‘Valleys Underground’, after a few articles, our Founding Chair Joe felt there needed to be a new direction.

Rather than just writing endless polemics and articles about what was needed in the Valleys, there needed to be genuine action – something that couldn’t be done from just behind a screen.

Following his return to Wales in September 2019, Valleys Underground was rebranded into a Marxist Organization for Welsh Independence, and gained its first handful of Founding Members.

Early Members and Volunteers with Valleys Underground working to clear up the site of the Cefn Fforest Miner’s Institute, abandoned for decades prior.

By the Summer of 2020, Valleys Underground had two dozen active members engaged in community action, with members working alongside the Foundation for Jewish Heritage to restore the Jewish Synagogue in Merthyr, as well as in the derelict Fernhill Estate Allotments.

Members of our Wrexham Chapter organizing a free-food event for the local community.

By the Summer of 2021, one year later, the Organization become truly National, with the establishment of a Wrexham Chapter, and our re-organization into the Welsh Underground Network.

Since then, Members from our Chapters have been involved in numerous events, such as placing plaques to commemorate the Ladies of Llangollen and Merthyr Rising, campaigning against the Hafod Landfill in Wrexham, and conducting numerous free-food events and Community Clearups.

Want to join and get involved, why not apply here?

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