Hughesovka and the New Russia

Given the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine, largely stemming from issues over Donetsk, we thought we’d publish – for the first time online – Hughesovka and the New Russia.

Here is the history of one Ukraine town, a microcosm of Russia. Hughesovka, (later Stalino and Donestk) was a mining and steel town founded in the 1870s by Welsh entrepreneur John Hughes and seventy Welsh workers.

This three part TV documentary directed by Colin Thomas and presented by Gwyn Alf Williams and first broadcast in 1991 as a series of 30 minute programmes on BBC2.

This documentary won the Best Documentary BAFTA Cymru Award in 1991.

We are proud to show each episode below, and to further publicise the incredible work of the People’s Historian – Gwyn Alf Williams.

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