The POC Working Group

We are the Welsh Underground Network’s POC working group.

We realised that there is a large white presence in the socialist and Welsh nationalist movements, meaning POC members who are passionate about both Welsh independence and socialism are not represented and our strong presence is ignored and minoritised.

We feel POC don’t feel welcome in said movements, and we need to show our fellow comrades that our history is fully embedded and our presence is required for an independent, socialist Wales.

We aim to highlight Welsh POC’s history, important (and forgotten) figures, POC’s communist histories and the whitewashing and racial biases upheld in contemporary (Welsh) society.

We also hold the Welsh Underground Network to account, to prevent the organisation from falling away from the basic principles of communism; the equality for all peoples.

We want to emphasise that there will be no socialism in Wales until all members of society, regardless of race or ethnicity, are equal.

Afro-Communism: A Potted History

The Socialist Movement is largely led by white cis-gendered men, which makes it no surprise why Africa’s history of socialism is unhighlighted, ignored and forgotten. Here are 5 African countries with socialist history to begin your research into what we’re calling, Afro-communism.   The People’s Republic of Benin   Prior to the Republic of Benin, Benin’s […]

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