The Trans Working Group

The Trans Working Group was the first working group the Welsh Underground Network established in response to the increasingly hostile environment trans people face in Britain, including Wales and the Welsh independence movement.

We try to educate and update the public on trans issues from a trans perspective through social media, and combat the dangerous narratives about trans people in the mainstream media.

Our working group also makes also resources to educate our cis comrades and ensures The Welsh Underground Network is always trans inclusive organisation.

Socialist movements are not always welcoming of trans people, so it is important to us that we work together and stand in solidarity with other trans movements, allies and comrades, and show that trans liberation is an essential part of the Socialist Welsh Republic we want to build

Limitations of Cis Allyship

Anger, egos and emotional labour Within the current political climate of increasing hostility towards transgender people living in the UK within the mainstream media, electoral parties across the political spectrum, and the Equality and Human Rights Commission the necessity for explicit support for transgender people from cisgender comrades only increases. However, in the face of…

The emotional toll of relentless hatred

This piece was written a few months ago by a member of the Trans Working Group in response to feeling overwhelmed by the relentless platforming of transphobia in the media and through online discourse. It is incredibly telling that the situation has only intensified since then, with the hostility trans people face worsening with each…

Non binary: more than a third checkbox

‘[Non binary] is a term designed to make conversation easier; it is not the end point’ – Shon Faye, The Transgender Issue General awareness and representation of non binary gender identity has begun to rapidly increase – there are now non binary characters appearing on our screens, and this year the world’s first non binary…

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